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BOYS When You’re Lonely

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BOYS When You’re Lonely….

BOYS When You're Lonely

BOYS When You're Lonely


”’BOYS”’ are a unique rock band originally from Perth, Western Australia. Their first single ” When you’re Lonely” shot to No1 on the charts in the early 1980s. The BOYS released two albums: ”’BOYS”’ a self-titled debut in 1981, and ”Inside the Cage” in 1982. 

Guitarists Lino Del Roio and Cam Del Roio have set up a BOYS fan club on facebook.

BOYS played with The Kinks on the Australian National Tour. Sydney Capitol Theatre/Melbourne Festival Hall/Brisbane Festival Hall/Adelaide Thebarton Town Hall/Perth Entertainment Centre.

BOYS played with Iron Maiden at the Sydney Capitol Theatre.

BOYS played with AC/DC on the Back in Black Tour at the Perth Entertainment Centre!